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You are ready to live your best life now, honor the memories while not allowing them to get in the way of your joy and life's purpose.

What is the coaching process like?

Your Certified Joy Restoration Coach will review the form you submit below and in most cases, arrange an appointment so that you can get to know each other, understand the goals and specific needs, then create a personalized strategy to get you to the life you desire.

What results can you expect?

Coaching only works when the client is willing to make the needed changes to achieve new and better results.  Presuming you are willing, Joy Restoration Coaching can help you overcome grief usually in a matter of months, rather than years.  How much is it worth to you to get your life back?

It doesn't matter so much about the source of your grief, the process is very similar in each case.  We know this because we see it work.  

Are you ready?  If yes, follow the instructions on the New Clients page.

Coaching Fees

Coaching through this process involves eight 50-minute meetings by phone or in person. The first session is the introduction to our system and each other so that we can most effectively get you the results you seek. The following sessions are focused helping you achieve your immediate and long terms goals. The number of sessions vary by individual but begin with eight to get the greatest benefit from the method we use.

Below is a chart with our fees posted. You will see that there is substantial savings to paying in full for
8 sessions.  We accept debit or credit payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


Meet In Person*

Meet By Phone

If Paid In Full

$799 (8 SESSIONS)

$99 add-on sessions

$699 (8 SESSIONS)

$88 add-on sessions

If Paid by Session

$125 / SESSION

$125 / SESSION

* Check for availability in your area.

Joy Restoration Coaching

* Add-on rates are only available to clients who purchased and completed the 8-session coaching packages.