“Comfort on Call” Ministry

The world is a painful place lately.  It is groaning with earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, senseless mass shootings, and wildfires.  And, more importantly, people are impacted by all these events.  It is the human suffering that moved a group of Christian coaches to reach out in a tangible way to those who mourn.  

Meet the Joy Restoration Coaching Team

We are grateful for the volunteer coaches who make this ministry possible, and encourage you to become familiar with them and their specialties.

 Sam Timbrook 


Sam Timbrook has advanced graduate degrees in counseling and is a Master Certified Life Coach with extensive training in grief.  He has led family life conferences across the United States, taught students ranging in age from preschool to university levels, and pastored churches for more than 40 years.

Sam has the professional background and personal experience needed to provide grief support to others.  Over the years, he has lost his wife and many friends and family members to death.  But, as a parent of a special needs son, he also understands the grief that accompanies lost dreams and unexpected circumstances.

 Wendy Mueller 


Wendy is currently certified as a Professional Life Coach (CPLC), a Christian Life Coach (CCLC), and a Joy Restoration (aka Grief) Coach (PJRC). She is finalizing her certifications as a Stress Relief Coach, Relationship Communication Specialist, and Master Christian Life Coach (MCLC).  Wendy is also completing her Master’s Degree in Special Education at Regent University with a Reading Specialist Endorsement, which is highly valuable when coupled with her Certificate of Graduate Studies in Autism.

Because of her own experiences, Wendy is especially effective ministering to people experiencing losses beyond physical death. Helping people bring order and intentionality to their lives is one of the ways she helps people begin to restore joy in their lives.

 Alison Dionne 


Alison's blog, Hope Takes Flight, is her gift to others who are grieving. It has been approximately seven years since her husband, Mark Haskell, died in a plane crash.  In an instance, life as she and her three children had always known it was forever changed.  Convinced the words in Jeremiah 291:ll about "a hope and a future" were for someone else, Alison assumed suffering would define her life.  God had other plans, and one of which is sharing her journey with others.  

Coaching those who have lost a spouse due to tragic circumstances,  as well as parents who have children who suffer from complicated grief due to anxiety and/or depression are Alison's specialties.  She has earned certification as a Certified Professional Life Coach, Christian Life Coach, Stress Relief Coach and is wrapping up the coursework required for certification as a Relationship Communication Specialist.  

Psalm 126 is the anchor and vision for her life, and it will forever be her platform and testimony. 

Jennifer Chavers, MA Counseling 


Jennifer did her Practicum in Counseling at CCA, a non-profit organization in Texas. She coaches clients who are going through loss. She has a passion for helping women who are broken and has given up on hope. For example women going through financial hardship and relationship issues.

Jennifer comes from a Biblical worldview and coaches from that perspective.  However, she is committed to respecting all faiths in the coaching and counseling of her clients.