About Us

The Grief Coaching Center Offers Joy Restoration Coaching

Joy Restoration Coaching along with Dr. Bush's 7-Step Happiness by Choice Method is preferred by many GriefShare and hospice workers as well as professional counselors, pastors, and church leaders.  Joy Restoration Coaching provides relief for those suffering from loss and grief, regardless of the source.​

Why coaching and not counseling?

We believe most grief sufferers are not mentally unhealthy nor do they have a clinical diagnosis. Rather, most grief sufferers found themselves ill-equipped to deal with the inevitable losses one experiences in life.​  Today's society simply does not prepare us to deal with loss and grief.

Joy Restoration Coaching fills that need powerfully when the client is willing to take charge of his or her life and make some changes with a supportive coach who helps build confidence, life skills, and tools.

If we discover that a client or prospective client is in need of therapy, the appropriate referral will be made.

Meet . . . Debbie Stankovich, MCLC

Debbie is veteran coach who firmly believes most people can move from the pain of loss to purposeful living with proper supports along the way, and more rapidly than one might expect! No stranger to loss herself, Debbie empathizes with clients struggling with sadness, and helps them restore joy in their lives using the 7-Step Happiness by Choice© method developed by Leelo Bush, Ph.D.

Since establishing her practice in 2007, Debbie has coached and trained hundreds of clients and students. Through that experience, she has observed that loss is often at the heart of what brings someone to coaching. As a result, she has now decided to devote herself to helping people restore joy in their lives – regardless of how insignificant the loss may seem in comparison to someone else’s.​


Washington State University, B.A. Social Sciences

The National Association of Professional Women selected Debbie Stankovich into the VIP Woman of the Year circle.

Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy (PCCCA) Certifications

  1. Master Christian Life Coach
  2. Christian Counselor*
  3. Grief Coach
  4. Joy Restoration Coach
  5. Licensed to Offer the 7-Step Happiness by Choice Method

*Though trained in Christian counseling, I am not a state-licensed counselor. If your needs are greater than my expertise, I will help you find a qualified therapist.

  • ​Nearly 30 years of non-profit management experience

Meet . . . Leelo Bush, Ph.D.

Creator of the 7-Step Happiness by Choice Method ​

Dr. Leelo Bush, aka "America's Doctor of Joy", is the creator of the highly effective Joy Restoration Coaching program and the 7-Step Happiness By Choice Method.  She is an accomplished author, master trainer, prolific curriculum creator with students and graduates on every continent and over 13,000 students trained and over 6700 certified graduates world-wide.

Leelo's academic degrees include a BA from Ohio State University. Suma Cum Laude Masters in Christian Counseling from UHU and PhD in Christian Counseling from Newburgh Seminary and Bible College.  

Dr. Bush is the Founder of and Director of Training for the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy (PCCCA).