Grief Coaching

Perhaps the concept of grief coaching is new to you. Although many people are familiar with the notion of grief counseling, we believe that grief does not typically require counseling. However, a trained grief coach has the tools and expertise to skillfully guide individuals through the process of mourning their loss and getting started on the road to recovery.

Grief coach Rick Unruh describes grief coaching as a process that “begins by co-creating a map to help the bereaved to see where they are now and where they want to be.”

When someone is faced with a loss, it may seem as though life will never be normal again. For this reason, H. Norman Wright, who himself has experienced loss, says grief coaching is about creating “a new kind of normal.”

Coaching is not counseling . . .

Coaching begins by recognizing an individual’s ability to heal, address issues, confront challenges and take action. The role of the grief coach is to bring these attributes to the surface at a time when they may not be apparent to a struggling survivor.

While therapy or counseling is also centered on healing, the focus is often solely on the individual’s improved emotional state. Coaching involves forging a positive vision for the future and creating strategies for achieving specific life goals with an emphasis on action and accountability.

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