It doesn't matter what caused your grief, we have your solution ... when you are ready.

Licensed provider of Dr. Bush's highly effective 7 Step Happiness by Choice Method.

Licensed provider of Dr. Bush's highly effective 7 Step Happiness by Choice Method.

Your Licensed, Certified Joy Restoration Coach will customize solutions for you that may include any of the items below and others: 

  • Reality vs Myths about heartbreak, grief and loss.  The truth will set you free.
  • Learn where you are in the stages of grief and how to move forward.
  • Identify triggers and situations where grief occurs.
  • Overcome faulty thinking.
  • How to survive early stages of bereavement.
  • Best and worst things to say to someone experiencing loss.  Help your loved ones help you.
  • Healing power of words (resources and scripture references)
  • How to eliminate toxic thoughts.
  • 2000 year-old scripture now proven by science, that prophesied our ability to transform our minds and thoughts.
  • How to forgive yourself and others.
  • Keys to happiness.
  • How to expand your comfort zone.
  • Emotional risk taking.
  • Understanding and modifying your routines and habits.
  • Establish a healthy lifestyle - nutrition & exercise
  • Natural health options and Essential Oils for mood enhancement
  • Designing a new lifestyle using "V-O-G".
  • Learn to create a "personal firewall" to protect your thought life!
Margaret Rowlett, CJRC

"I feel more in control of my mind, my health and my daily routine. One of the sessions even helped me to have peace in a very upsetting situation!! I most certainly would recommend this program to anyone ..."

Grief Coaching Options available:

In Person, Phone & Group Sessions

Meet with your coach either in person or by phone.  We have one-to-one sessions and group sessions available.  Just ask!

Online Resources

In addition to coaching, we have numerous online resources available for our clients.  If you can't find something, just contact us by email at: help@griefcoachingcenter.com

Personalized Solutions

​You are unique and special.  Your solutions will be unique to you.  The plan will be designed for you at your first coaching session.

Unlock A Beautiful, New Life!

It doesn't matter what caused your grief or the type of loss, we are able to help you live the life of your dreams if you are willing.  Partner with your coach on this exciting journey.